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Educated EDB-assistant from Niels Brock business college, Copenhagen, graduated in 1990.
Since 1992 I have worked as a SAP basis consultant, on a variety of projects, all over Europe.
I have participated in 15 life cycle implementations, in areas like defense, logistics, retail, production, phar-maceuticals. The projects have been from small projects with 15 consultants up to project sizes of 250 con-sultants.

I have been self employed for 18 years in my company Infratek ApS.

Over the last 10 years I have moved more and more into a position as infrastructure architect for customers in green field implementations and designing new infrastructure when customers switch outsourcing vendors.
My background for doing so has been a strong technical background in SAP Basis on platforms like HP, IBM, DB2, Oracle databases and setups. As you can see from my technical knowledge, I have worked with a broad variety of operating systems, databases, backup systems and SAN solutions. Having hands on knowledge of this many different platforms, enables me to make informed choices and advice on technical solutions.
My designs are always based on future durability and stability in operations. This goes for the infrastructure and the add-ons or interfaces implemented in the systems. It is a key point for me to design the solutions, so the overall cost of operations is kept as low as possible.
Even though my core skills are within the area of SAP, I have a broad knowledge of other systems, like Mi-crosoft Active Directory, Clusters, Microsoft Outlook, Firewalls, Network solutions etc. Most of the data I am used to interact with is coming from DB2 databases on OS/390 platforms. For that reason I have had to learn how the databases work, to get the best data possible.

As self employed I have focused on the following things

• Simple solutions
• Durable solutions
• Strong documentation
• Strong communication to project and receiving organization
• Good work ethics
• Good problem solving skills
• Good mentoring skills

Personally I am 52 years old. I am a Danish citizen, living in the Copenhagen area. I have been living with my current wife for the last 22 years. Amongst us we have 3 kids that are all grown up and moved out. Our spare time is mostly used on golfing, gardening and travelling. Furthermore I like to work on my garden pond and take care of my carps.

Customers over the last 10 years.

Year Duration Tasks Hard-ware/OS DB SAP R3 Sector Duty
Nov 2016 Jan 2018 ATOS Medical AB, Malmoe Sweden Win-dows MSS SAP ECC,CRM,APO, BW Medical IT Architect, New windows 10 plat-form rollout, all SAP basis 2nd line support Have been doing data-base support, in-stallations, patch-ing, upgrades.
Feb- 2013-2016 40
months Coop A/S Win-dows MS SQL SAP ECC 6.0 Retail IT Architect, transport and re-lease manager, outsourcing man-agement and frontend solutions
Responsible for database/machine patching
2012-Nov 3 months NTT DATA A/S Win-dows MS SQL, Oracle SAP ECC 6.0 Private sector Implementing new time management system.Installing, patching and up-grading HW/OS/DB
2012 July-August Essex Fire, Kent Win-dows Oracle SAP ECC 6.0 Semi public System assess-ment in Outsourc-ing vendor switch
2012 January-April Ferrosan Medi-cal Devices AS/400 DB2 SAP ECC 6.0 Private sector Advising man-agement in out-sourcing. Data-base split.
2011 June-December CSC A/S AIX/HP/Sun Oracle All systems Private sector Operations and Smaller upgrade projects. In-stalling, patching and upgrading of HW/OS/DB
2011 January-June KMD A/S AIX DB2 SAP PI Private sector Transition of cus-tomer between outsourcing ven-dors. Installing and patching DB
2008-2010 26 months Fujitsu services Denmark Win-dows NT, Oracle, MSSQL SAP ECC 6.0, BW, CRM, SCM Private sector, Production IT Architect, Technical consult-ant on sales and technical lead on migrations from other outsourcing vendor. Installing, upgrading and patching HW/OS/DB
2007-august- 2008 Sep-tember 13 months NNIT A/S
Consultant on various up-grades, Imple-mentations, Migrations Linux, NT, Oracle, MYSQL SAP ECC 6.0, SAP BW 7.0, Production, Semi public compa-nies and a Pharma customer in the private sector IT Architect, Techical consult-ant for the pro-jects.
2004 September-
2007-July 2 years, 10 months A.P. Møller
Part of the FACT project to implement SAP.
Focused on handling sizing and outsourcing management HPUX Oracle SAP 4.7 Private sector, logistics, HR,FI Tech-nical/Technical lead
1992-2004 12 years Consultant working as SAP basis for vari-ous companies and customers Sun, HPUX, AIX, Win-dows DB2, Oracle, MS-SQL Version 1.2b-4.7 Private and pub-lic sector Technical consult-ant, team lead

Køn: Mand

Fødselsår: 1965

Følgende arbejdstid søges: Fuldtid, deltid og freelance.

Arbejdssted: Københavns Amt og Sverige.

CV'et er sidst ændret: 10-07-2018.

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